Why choose us

Why choose us


1. Vast experience with offshores since 1992:  the company participated in the origination of the civilized business of international tax planning in Russia, survived all global and local crises, continuing to be one of the oldest and universally recognized leaders in the industry.

2. Stable team of competent and experienced lawyers, financial managers and tax advisers, the majority of whom have worked in the company for 10-26 years.

3. Strict privacy maintenance requirements:  during the 26 years of operation there haven’t been a single case of  our customers' data disclosure.

4. Ample abilities in solving most non-standard problems, which is made possible by the rich experience, built contacts with top-managers of globally known foreign banks, company registrars, attorneys, auditors and trust managers.  

5. Narrow specialization adhered to by the company since the moment of its founding in 1992.  We do not offer customers expansive legal practice and do not offer anything we are not excellent specialists in. We are engaged in what the majority of others can’t do.

6. Reliability of offered products and solutions proven and honed in practice by years.

7. The uniqueness of offered corporate and tax solutions that are able to correct considerably tax load and increase asset management efficiency.

8. Predictability and adequacy of customers invoicing:  we warn customers of standard annual expenses beforehand, we do not invoice for services of documents signing by directors and shareholders, we do not force the customer pay for services that are not indispensible, for example we do not insist that it is us who should open bank accounts for companies serviced and on financial statements preparation specifically by our auditors. 

9. Working directly with all foreign jurisdictions, bypassing Russian intermediaries. 

10. Availability of one of the market’s largest own offers on ready-made (“shelf”) companies. 

11. Individual approach in working with each customer whose majority has cooperated with us since the beginning of 1990s and recommend us to their partners and acquaintances. 

12. High quality and professional ethics standards meeting:  we value our reputation very much and are willing to do anything to improve the quality of the services, even if it requires additional investments from our part. 

13. Unique well-wishing atmosphere of confidentiality and trust in the Moscow office – an old mansion on the Garden Ring Road, which is the 18th century’s architectural monument. Being the owner of this marvelous building we take care not only of its restoration, antique furniture, aquariums, fountain and flowers in our garden, but first of all of safety and comfort for our respected customers, for whom visiting us is always combination of pleasant and beautiful with important and useful. 

14. Own offices for working with customers in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Kiev, registration offices in all foreign jurisdictions offered, as well as more than 300 authorized representatives in economically well-developed cities of Russia, the CIS, Baltic states and the Eastern Europe. 

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