Office in St. Petersburg, Russia

Office in St. Petersburg, Russia

Head of St.Petersburg office - Evgeniy Gedenidze                                                                              

52 Angliyskaya Embankment, office 28

St.Petersburg 190000 Russia

tel +7 (812) 570-1564
tel +7 (812) 320-6609
tel +7 (812) 325-7235
fax 7 (812) 325-7235


Our GPS coordinates: 59.932366,30.287805

Head of the St.Petersburg Office - Evgeniy Gedenidze


The office is situated near Blagoveshchensky Bridge (former  Lieutenant Shmidt Bridge), leading to Vasil’yevsky Island.

Our mansion (known in historical circles as Potemkin’s Mansion) was built in the first half of the 18th century and is an architectural monument.

Among all other features, our building is famous for the fact that in 1831-1832, right after the wedding, outstanding Russian poet Alexander S. Pushkin lived here  with his young spouse Natalya Goncharova.

The Hermitage, St. Isaac's Cathedral and Mariinsky Theater are 15 minutes walk from our office.


It is most convenient to get to us by car. The car may be parked on Angliyskaya Embankment near the central entrance or on Galernaya street near the entrance to the  hotel “Happy Pushkin”, from where you can pass to our office through an additional internal entrance.

Metro stations are fairly far away. The nearest of them: “Gostiny Dvor” metro station – from there trolleybuses No. 5, 22, buses No. 3, 22, 27, or “Vasileostrovskaya” metro station – from there minibuses No. 186, 124, 6. “Ploshchad’ Truda” stop. Then 7 minutes walk to the office on Angliyskaya naberezhnaya.

Office’s business hours – from 10:00 am until 6:30 pm local time.






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52 Angliyskaya Emb., office 28

St.Petersburg 190000 Russia

tel +7 812 570-1564

fax +7 812 325-723

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